The ADVANCED 1 Technical Services Group is second-to-none in geospatial/telecommunications development.

Whether your needs are as simple as data analysis and reporting or complex enough to require custom software development, our Technical Services Group is here to help. Instead of one-size fits all approach, our team of specialists leverage diverse backgrounds of experience and multi-platform knowledge to provide solutions that fit your unique needs.

Software Expertise:

Our Technical Services Group has extensive experience with all major platforms and hybrid solutions including ESRI, spatialNET, MapInfo, AutoDesk (AutoCad/Map 3D), and Bentley (MicroStation, Descartes, Bentley Communications Suite / FocusOne), Oracle RDMS, Microsoft SQL Server, and more.

ADVANCED 1 is a leader in geospatial / telecommunications development and is proud to be an ESRI Business Partner and Bentley Value Added Service Provider.

Service Offerings

Sampling of Service Offerings:

  • Geospatial Services
  • Data Conversion / Migration
  • Data Management / Hosting
  • Consulting / Back Office Support Services

Geospatial Services

Land Base:

We research and procure the best available base source, verify the accuracy of data and updates, integrate new base data into an existing area, reposition, scale, and grid to specifications.

Presentation Maps:

We provide clients with customized presentation-quality maps for a wide range of applications, including: strategic planning, market analysis, competitive analysis, network planning, operations management, construction status, acquisition mapping, fiber mapping, color scanning, Commercial Serviceability, and more.

Data Creation, Analysis, Migration:

These services include address geo-coding, geo-register of existing raster / vector data, demographic profiles, custom data creation, data translations between GIS and CAD platforms.

And More. Below are just a few of some of the additional GIS related services we commonly provide:

  • 811 / One Call maintenance
  • Metro Wide Cell Tower Back Haul planning, routing, circuit design, and RFP development
  • Long Haul fiber planning, routing, and documentation
  • And of course everyone loves to see their plant overlaid onto Google Earth

Data Conversion / Migration
Using industry standard tools, we can perform simple or complex ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) translations between nearly any variety of GIS / CAD / Database platforms. If your needs are even more complex our in-house development staff can build customized solutions to meet your exact needs. Sometimes a technical approach alone is not a viable solution to achieve the necessary result. In which case our technical migration group works hand in hand with our CAD Services Group to provide a hybrid solution of redrafting into target platform and migrating good data where applicable.

Data Management / Hosting
Today’s HFC Design / Drafting platforms provide a great deal of functionality beyond legacy systems but are more complex than ever, especially with the capability to store your spatial geometry in a relational database such as Oracle. This could mean needing to have DBA level experience, a robust datacenter, and full time support staff to maximize benefits of the platform. If you are in this situation and would really like to take advantage of the capabilities of the modern platforms but have limited support resources we can help. Our team has many years and hundreds of thousands of miles of experience and can help you design, implement, manage, and support your implementation. We can also house and manage your engineering system on the same robust private cloud datacenter we utilize for our own production systems.

Consulting / Back Office Support Services
Our Technical Services Group can also provide a variety of additional customized Consulting and Back Office Support Services (BOSS). Below is a small sampling of the services we provide:

  • Data entry, extraction/mining, and analysis
  • Customized reporting and multi-source mashups
  • Design platform evaluation, consulting, and training