The Design Services Group is proficient in multiple telecommunications architectures and software.

With years of experience and continuous training, our Design Group is unmatched in their ability to design various architectures and create digital drawings in multiple types of software, such as Bentley OpenComms Designer, spatialNET, ArcFM, Magellan, PNI Smallworld, NETWIN, Lode Data Design, Lode Data Fiber Module, MicroStation, and AutoCAD. This enables us to meet the precise needs of our clients, both affordably and efficiently.

We are committed to understanding our client’s needs and expectations. In project start-up, preliminary designs are provided to the client, which we review with them to confirm all specifications were applied and deliverables are intact. Then project procedures are methodically documented before any production work begins.

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of system construction and operations, which guarantees our clients receive the optimal design in every aspect — including construction, serviceability, and long-term plant maintenance. This keen insight into every detail of a client’s operations translates to saving time and money for our clients during construction and beyond.

Service Offerings

Design Services

Design of HFC/Broadband and Fiber Optics—Ranging from New and Rebuild Design projects to Upgrades, and Business as Usual Design Extensions for all lines of business, such as:

  • FTTx
  • EPON
  • Commercial
  • SDU Residential
  • Node Splits, Layouts, Resizing
  • Segmentation
  • Equipment Change Out
  • Repowering
  • Fiber Routing & Splicing
  • Cell Tower Backhaul
  • Dark Fiber
  • Port Term Allocations
  • Hub Panel Documentation
  • HUB\HE Relocation and Collapses
  • Fiber Distribution Detail Maps
  • Forced Relocates
  • Conduit Layouts
  • Network Proactive Expansion
  • Customized Bill of Materials
  • Spec File Creation and Upgrade

Data Migration and Drafting Services

Expertise in data migration of existing system maps into different software platforms—We have redrafted over 100,000 miles of plant—including Base, Aerial and Underground Routing, Coaxial Cable and Fiber Routing and Splicing information.

  • As-built Updates
  • Coax and Fiber As-built updates
  • MDU and Permit Detail Drawings
  • Re-Power Drafting
  • Fiber Drafting
  • Splicing Documentation
  • Address Association
  • Map Database Development
  • Software Conversions
  • Color Scanning and Plotting
  • File Archive Services

FTTH – Fiber to the Home Residential Service

  • Centralized cabinet fed from OLT
  • Completed Plant design of distribution out from and cabinet and back to OLT
  • Create construction\splicing package of distribution and then ongoing single customer installs
  • Track use of 1X32 splitters for customer activation

FTTX – Fiber to the “X”

  • Centralized cabinet and distributed splitters
  • Complete plant design from OLT to customer
  • Multiple types of splitters as required

CWDM Fiber Routing and Splicing

  • Track use of WDM splitters across fiber network for both commercial customers and RF nodes
  • Create construction\splicing package

CTBH – Cell Tower Backhaul

  • Design of rings, laterals, and drops
  • Point to point and redundant circuits
  • Create construction\splicing package