ADVANCED 1's nationwide team of experienced and professional field engineer's ultimate goal is the success of our clients.

Our project managers work closely with our clients to deliver accurate, quality information to meet the desired production schedule. ADVANCED 1’s field group offers services to meet industry needs and an adaptability to take on any new task essential to our client objectives.

With a consultant’s eye for detail, team focus, and quality first attitude our Field Services Group produces the results needed for success and to build long-term relationships.

Service Offerings

Walkout Services

  • Coaxial and Fiber Documentation
  • As Built and New Build Mapping
  • ISP and OSP
  • MDU/MTU Engineering
  • Cell Tower Backhaul
  • Disaster Recovery Assessments
  • Construction Coordination/Project Management
  • Serviceability Cost Estimates

Permitting Services

  • Complete Field Collected Data
  • Pole Permits
  • Full Permit Application Process
  • Full pole loading analysis
  • DOT
  • City/County
  • Permit Portal entry when required
    • Experienced with:
      • JUMS
      • NJUNS
      • SpidaMin
      • AldenOne
      • AEP
      • MyGovernmentOnline
      • RailPros
      • Katapult Webservices – LG&E KU utilizes this for their pole permit application process.
      • Osmose 360
      • Rapid Plan
  • Railroad permits
  • Detailed Traffic Control Plans
  • PE Stamp as required

Day to Day Operations (BAU)

Working in conjunction with our client’s Engineering and Construction groups, we perform daily functions to support new and potential sales opportunities.

  • Field Verifications to provide accurate IRR for potential customers
  • Field engineering to New Customers including mapping, permitting and Scope of Works for Right of Entry agreements
  • Coordination and Facilitation between Engineering, Construction and Sales for accurate and timely builds to new customers

ISP/OSP As Built and New Build Mapping

Whether it’s new mapping for plant extensions or a complete as built walkout, ADVANCED 1 delivers accurate and reliable results geared to meet any production schedule.


By taking your existing system maps we can field verify, revise and provide missing information to get your maps accurate and up to date.

MDU/MTU Engineering

We provide a complete as built of an MDU including building layouts, interior routing, equipment location, and unit information. We also provide new build MDU walkouts to gather all data to design and build a complex with a construction focus.

Fiber Audits

Through verification of existing fiber documentation or starting anew, we can supply you with accurate fiber maps to help make wise fiber allocation and design decisions.

Pole Audits

We provide pole audits from ownership to attachment heights to deliver an accurate picture of our clients’ assets.


We offer all permitting needs from Railroad permits, municipalities, DOT/ROW diagrams to utility permitting and attachment measurements. Our goal is to make the permitting process time and cost efficient for our clients.

Serviceability Cost Estimates

We provide desktop cost estimates for construction of potential clients to include routing, potential permits and construction costs using a variety of sources. We also provide field verification of cost estimates to determine the most accurate data to determine estimates.

Project Management and On Site Support

We offer our clients complete project management services or service specific management for a variety of projects. We also provide resources for on-site support to help fill any gaps in a process allowing our clients to secure the resources that they need without adding headcount to their bottom line.